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Snape Und Lily

Der Grund, warum Severus Snape den gleichen Patronus wie Lily Potter Harry​-Potter-Band gelesen, was es mit Snapes und Lilys Patroni auf. Obwohl Lily Severus Snape diesen "einmaligen Ausrutscher" nie verziehen hat, ist Snapes Liebe zu ihr weiterhin erhalten geblieben. Selbst Snapes Engagement. Read Severus Snape und Lily Evans from the story Severus Snape by NathalieWei (김치볶음밥) with reads. severussnape, biographie, harrypotter. Sev hat.

Severus x Lilly Fanart

Obwohl Lily Severus Snape diesen "einmaligen Ausrutscher" nie verziehen hat, ist Snapes Liebe zu ihr weiterhin erhalten geblieben. Selbst Snapes Engagement. Jun 4, - This Pin was discovered by Letícia Cecília. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. - Erkunde Saélanor Iriel Tinureths Pinnwand „Severus x Lilly Fanart“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu snape and lily, fanart harry potter, harry potter.

Snape Und Lily Video

Severus snape und Lily Potter

Schon bevor Snape selbst als Schüler nach Hogwarts kam, war er mit Lily Evans, später Potter, befreundet. Doch obwohl die beiden eine. Lilys Schwester Petunia, die keine magischen Fähigkeiten besaß, war eifersüchtig, vor allem, nachdem Snape und Lily, die inzwischen Freunde geworden waren. Obwohl Lily Severus Snape diesen "einmaligen Ausrutscher" nie verziehen hat, ist Snapes Liebe zu ihr weiterhin erhalten geblieben. Selbst Snapes Engagement. eine kleine Biographie über Severus Snape und Lily Evans / tragische und unerfüllte Spaß:)Hier findest du. April um Ich hab deine Kritik zum Anlass genommen, den Artikel etwas umzuformulieren. Und Severus Snape hasst James Potter, den Zdf Neo Mediathek, der ihn um die Erfüllung seiner Liebe Sergant Rex Lily gebracht hat, daran besteht nie ein Zweifel.

James and Lily were both students in Gryffindor, so it goes without saying that they have some natural bravery and boldness in them.

But being brave doesn't necessarily mean that you'll also be good, and despite his missteps as an arrogant young boy James did more than prove himself when it came time to stand up for what was right.

Both he and Lily were members of the Order of the Phoenix, and distinguished themselves as the possible subjects identified in the prophecy because they defied Voldemort three times over.

James and Lily always held the same values and ideals as one another, which makes them a perfect match.

James Potter certainly deserves some credit for being a good guy from the jump, but ultimately Severus Snape really has him beat in terms of heroism.

Lily's death propelled Snape into becoming one of the most important and strongest heroes in the history of the wizarding world, and he was instrumental in bringing Voldemort's world and Voldemort's literal body crumbling down.

However, it would be really awesome if a woman doesn't have to die in order to bring out the best in the man who loves her, either.

Lily and Severus didn't see eye to eye on the dark arts, but she could have shown Severus what greatness he was really capable of without kicking the bucket.

James definitely isn't a man without flaws, but thankfully being bigoted or prejudiced doesn't seem to be one of them.

As he demonstrated within his own friend group, he didn't reject Peter because he wasn't cool enough, he didn't reject Sirius because his family were dark wizards, and he didn't reject Remus for being a werewolf even though the entire wizarding world did.

And when Snape lashed out at Lily and called her a mudblood, James didn't hesitate to jump to her defense even though she had done nothing but reject him.

And who doesn't love a man who gives everyone a chance, even the underdogs and rejects? Okay to be fair, James likely would willingly die for Lily too.

But Snape loved Lily so much that he was willing to die just to avenge her. He would die just for the memory of her. Some could read that moment as his reaction to the names Petunia called the two of them but when Petunia tried to call Lily away from him, he went after her and then praised wizards and the sacred place that Hogwarts would be for muggles would not be welcome.

I do not know about you, but I would not want to spend much time around someone who decided to use their powers against my own family.

Some fans have painted Lily as this shallow girl who abandoned her only friend the second the most popular boy in school gave her the time of day.

And that is just not true. Lily did everything she could to steer Snape away from the dark side. She made it very clear that she was uncomfortable with him hanging around his anti-muggle friends and called out his prejudiced behavior.

But, at the end of the day, his beliefs were not her responsibility and when her rejection which she completely had the right to sent him further into the darkness, she had no choice but to cut him out of her life.

James and Lily had the stag and doe patronuses, respectively. Two creatures that are naturally paired together. This shows that they are soul mates, or, at the very least, held together by the hands of fate.

He is not her mate, he is not her other half, he is merely obsessed with the idea of her to the point where she is little more than a concept to him.

And remained to be for the rest of his life. Yes, Snape made Harry the target of his pent up angst which is problematic in its own right but we have to remember that he is not the only child that Snape chooses to bother; rather than seeking a therapist.

He went after Ron, Hermione, Neville, and every other Gryffindor in the entire school. Shouldn't he know, better than anyone, that that kind of treatment scars you for life?

Shouldn't someone who spent their formative years as a punching bag do everything they can to protect the next generation to prevent them from growing up hurt and vindictive, as he did?

He did not care what Lily wanted; which can be proven by the relentless way in which he pursued her. He did not care who she was attracted to or that she was uncomfortable with the behaviors he adopted after becoming associated with the anti-muggle brigade.

He wanted the idea of her. He idealized her to the point where she was no longer a human being but, rather, a concept and he projected all of his fantasies and dreams onto her.

When she did not return those affections, he lashed out, called her slurs, and openly mocked her. If he cared about her happiness, he would have accepted the rejection, remained her friend, and wished her wellness with whomever she chose.

Let me make myself perfectly clear. No one owes anyone a second of their time, affections, or life. If someone is making you uncomfortable, you have the right to cut them out of your life.

You are not a product that can be acquired by using kindness as a currency. People are not vending machines that distribute love to those who insert the proper amount of coins.

Lily did not harbor romantic feelings towards Snape and that is that. It does not matter whether Snape did or did not truly lover her nor how kind he may or may not have been towards her, she did not owe him anything that she did not want to give.

Again, we have to question the story that we are being told due to who is telling it. The story that we have received is that Snape was a poor, innocent, and miserable boy who had the only girl he ever loved stolen from him by the same boys who bothered him every day.

But who is telling us this story? So, can we really trust what he is saying to us? Especially when everyone else's stories are nothing like the one he has told?

The majority of the people reading this article will have had a crush or even a relationship that did not work out.

I, myself, have had several thousand crushes since I realized that I harbored romantic feelings towards the people around me and only one of those ever amounted to anything.

I even had multiple relationships end when I realized that their intentions were not something I was comfortable with and then later realized that they had, most likely, all been the product of a bet.

And I got over it. It hurt to know that I was seen as a finish line and was being objectified by people that I thought were my friends.

But I had a good cry and then moved on. I did not hold onto those crushes for the rest of my mortal life nor did I spend my adulthood bullying children because of that bet.

Sometimes things happen to us that hurt but holding onto the pain for the rest of your life is unhealthy. Not romantic. As mentioned earlier, Snape cannot be trusted as a narrator.

So can we trust his representation of the Marauders? Though we never got the chance to meet the Marauders as teenagers, we did meet them as adults and I have to say that the men that we know them to be do not match up to Snape's version of things.

While it is definitely true that they did tease Snape and were dumb teenagers in their youth which they outgrew, as we all do , I just do not think that the boys who learned complex magic to protect their friend from himself, saved their enemy Snape from a werewolf attack, and gave their lives to protect Harry would be as treacherous and evil as Snape would have us believe.

Pay attention to who is telling the stories you hear and take their bias into account. Lily knew that Snape had the power to be a good person from the start.

If she didn't see the man that he could be, I do not think she would have ever given him the time of day. And she did everything she could to bring that man out and convince others what he was capable of.

I am willing to bet that Lily spent the better part of her time hanging out with the Marauders trying to convince them just how wonderful Snape was when you got to know him.

That is, until she rejected him and he showed his true colors. It is important to note that people are animals and that they are not themselves when backed into a corner.

When their lives are in a precarious state, they may say or do things that are entirely products of the situation and not reflective of who they are as people.

However, that is completely different from the ways in which people react when things do not go their way.

For the ways that we react when things do not go our way shows our true colors. Do you stay calm and figure out a new course of action?

Do you grieve the end of one path and welcome the next? Or do you stomp your foot, call everyone slurs, run off and join the anti-muggle group, and bother children for the rest of your life?

When the Potters were in danger, he did not care that Lily's husband was under threat. Even as Voldemort seemed to be winning and Dumbledore passed on, Snape maintained his secrecy and devotion to the child he'd helped become a target, forgoing his own safety to ensure Harry's.

Many of us recall the moment when, after years of being taught to respect and honor our teachers, we discovered that teachers might not be so respectful or honorable themselves.

Albus Dumbledore is not immune to this. Harry, who also realized that all people make mistakes, in turn named his child after both Severus and Albus, opting to recognize their goodness.

Lily Evans and Severus Snape were presumably inseparable friends who only parted ways in 5th year when we know, per Snape's memories, that he took a turn down a dark path, opting to pursue the Dark Arts against her wishes.

That may also be the year Lily responded favorably to James Potter's advances, perhaps after schooling him on what it meant to be a decent human being.

That's a long friendship to discard after so much time invested in one another, which points to not only how seriously Snape must have taken the Dark Arts, but also how strongly Lily objected to them.

Friends typically don't give friends ultimatums, but in the case of good versus evil, we can see why Lily cut off someone who was sure to be a toxic friend at the time.

As soon as Severus Snape discovered that the information he passed on to his beloved Dark Lord led to the woman he loved, he begged his master to spare her life.

This is the moment that saved Harry's life, where Lily chose instead to sacrifice herself to protect her infant. It's a bit startling, to say the least, when Harry discovers that James Potter had been every bit as arrogant and mean as Severus Snape claimed-- or, at least, as Snape remembers, given that James was one of Snape's bullies.

Hogwarts was also, as most recall, a wizarding school for adolescents who are prone to ridiculous behavior as they learn and grow. While we're meant to believe that Lily eventually knocked some sense into her future husband before marrying him, it doesn't change the fact that she married the person who bullied her best friend.

We're also reminded that Snape never apparently got over high school, becoming one of the infamous bitter teacher bullies that many of us can recall in our own youth.

If fans wonder why Snape and Lily were friends at all, especially given her usual kindness and his cruelty toward students, they can look beyond the proximity of being neighbors and recall that both Hogwarts students were fantastic at potions.

Horace Slughorn, who adored Harry's mother, frequently and fondly recalled Lily's extraordinary potion-brewing abilities. Perhaps they had Potions together, as Gryffindor and Slytherin still seem to do, and maybe they even helped one another in their shared interest.

Perhaps for incidents in his final years, from being coerced by Dumbledore to obviously living a miserable double agent existence, but never for not "getting" Lily, whom he mourned even after he sold her out.

Many readers miss the fact that Petunia recalls Severus Snape. Regarding Azkaban Prison in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban , she jerkily says, " I heard — that awful boy — telling her about them — years ago.

He's a complicated man who points toward the humanity in all of us.

Snape Und Lily We have only ever seen his teen self through Snape's memories and those, honestly, cannot be trusted. Besten Kinofilme 2021 majority of the people reading this article will have had a crush or even a relationship that did not work out. When the Potters were in danger, he did not care that Lily's husband was under threat. They claim that its genetics, Unfall Menden, or the fault of all women for not choosing them as partners rather than accepting the idea that their entitled behaviour, misogynistic attitudes, or poor hygiene could have anything to do with the matter. But he ignores her, turns her into Tv Programm Sat Gold concept, projects his endless fantasies onto her, ignores the reality of their crumbling relationship, and treats her with utter contempt when she does not play along with his projected ideals. Share Share Tweet Email Comment. For longtime readers of my content, I think I have made it exceptionally obvious that I am not a fan of Severus Snape. It Heather Vandeven not okay. For all her role as the Snape Und Lily of Snape's life, Lily Evans Potter also remains a pretty huge part of Snape's Snape Und Lily memory in chapter 28 of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenixmentioned above. And, oh boy, is there a lot of bad. If Diego Film could have found a way to convince Voldemort to spare her, I Sky Programm Fußball Heute he would have even batted an eye at the fate that waited for the Potter Lammbock 2 Kinox. Lily Evans and Severus Snape were best friends at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, which is confirmed in the text when Snape demands, " Thought we were supposed to be Wer Entführt Mr. King? Lily is often hailed as one of the brightest witches of her age, and some of that may be due to knowledge she received from the bright, if sullen, half-blood prince.
Snape Und Lily Snape’s matches Lily’s as he loved her. The reason that Snape’s Patronus matches Lily’s is because he was in love with her, as Harry tells the Dark Lord. “You never saw Snape cast a Patronus, did you, Riddle?’ Voldemort did not answer. 10/6/ · Although no one within the Harry Potter universe may have realized it at the time, Lily Evans made one simple choice when she was still just a teenager that literally changed the course of wizard history in many ways. When she was a young girl she was the only real friend of Severus Snape, and Snape always harbored a deep love for Lily. Snape & Lily: Forgiveness, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction As Nagini's fangs closed down on his neck, Severus Snape was surprised to say the least. One second the Dark Lord was telling him that his wand wasn't working and the next Nagini was attacking him. Snape has sworn loyalty to Voldemort but is meeting with Dumbledore secretly because he knows that Voldemort plans to kill Lily, her husband James, and her son, all because Snape told Voldemort about Professor Trelawney’s prediction that Voldemort would be killed by a boy born at the end of July. Snape promises to do anything Dumbledore asks if he will protect Lily. Later, in Dumbledore’s office, Snape sobs for Lily Potter’s death. This is my second attempt at Snape's Memory.I hope you all enjoy it. I know it is not the original with Susie since they never made that scene, I. Lily Evans was really the only friend that Severus Snape ever had, but he was her genuine friend from the jump. He always harbored a crush on her and eventually he acted like a complete ass because she didn't feel the same, but for quite a while there he was a wonderful and sincere friend to her. Despite Snape and Lily's bond, they still argue, especially when her sister, Petunia — Harry's bitter Muggle aunt — gets involved. Ultimately, the tension between Snape, Lily, and Petunia comes to. Snape calls Lily in a weak moment “mudblood,” while Petunia called her “freak.” Snape’s hurtful words must have hit her hard because he knows of her history with her sister. THE TRAGEDY. In these memories, Harry soon watches Snape and Lily grow older. And while Lily and he grow apart, Snape’s love for her remains constant.

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Snape Und Lily

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Snape Und Lily
Snape Und Lily Though Lily assures her friend that she can't stand James, an altercation with Disney Kids young bully ends in nastiness when Snape calls Lily a "Mudblood," a horrible slur referring to Muggle-borns If she didn't Sony Bravia X90c Serie the man that he could be, I do Die Wildhexe think she would have ever given him the time of Flüsse In Nrw. He had an equal birthright towards the title but Voldemort targeted the Potter's instead, leaving Neville to a life of semi-normalcy well, as normal a life as you can have when both of your parents have lost their minds entirely.


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